Section A: Equine Resources

Description: This is the largest section on the CD-Rom.  It contains all six types of documents (PowerPoints, Notes, Online Worksheets, Labs, Quizzes and Tests). In this section there are also documents titled " Online Infovets Worksheets."  These are worksheets where the student is instructed to go to the Infovets website and find a specific page inside one of the Infovets Online Manuals.  From this online article, the student can then fill out the given worksheet.

This section also contains two unique documents: One is a class PowerPoint presentation on horse breeds to be done by the student.  It contains a description of how to do the presentation, and another document for the students hearing the presentation to take notes.  The other is a document for taking notes during a Veterinarian Guest Speaker.

This section has five subsections all containing different PowerPoints, Notes, Tests, etc:

1-Equine Breeds Class Presentation

 2-Health Management

 3-Feeds, Nutrition & Digestion

 4-Hoof Care


Table of Contents

Section A - Equine Resources