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A10 Equine Science Power Point Presentation Criteria On Breeds of Horses

Section 1    Introduction (Picture of your breed in this section is required.)

Name of your breed:
Your name:

Section 2    Description (Colored picture of your breed in this section is required.)

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Section 3    Origin and Current Status.

Brief history and origin of your breed:
Who are the foundation sires if any?
What mixes of breeds were used in the development of your breed?
How big is the breed or breed association?
In what regions of the United States or the world are they most heavily concentrated?

Section 4    Advantages of Your Breed.

List the advantages for your breed

Section 5    Interesting Facts about Your Breed.

Research some interesting facts about your breed.

Section 6    References/Credits.

Site the sources of your information and graphic images.

Additional Requirements: Text must be animated on all but the introduction and references slides.