Section B: Beef, Dairy, Sheep and Goat Resources

Description: This section deals with the ruminant species.  It also contains all six types of documents (PowerPoints, Notes, Online Worksheets, Labs, Quizzes and Tests).  In this section there are also documents titled " Online Infovets Worksheets."  These are worksheets where the student is instructed to go to the Infovets website and find a specific page inside one of the Infovets Online Manuals.  From this online article, the student can then fill out the given worksheet.   

This section also contains some unique documents: 1 - One is a class PowerPoint presentation on Livestock breeds (beef and sheep) to be done by the student.  It contains a description of how to do the presentation, and another document for the students hearing the presentation to take notes.  2 - The other is a Crossword document on animal genetics.

This section has four subsections all containing different PowerPoints, Notes, Tests, etc:

 1-Behavior & Husbandry Practices


 3-Nutrition & Digestion


Table of Contents

Section B - Beef, Dairy, Sheep and Goat Resources