Mission Statement: 
Since 1999, the mission of Infovets has been to provide the resources that allow the individual owner and producer to provide superior health care for their animals. To accomplish this mission the following services are provided:
1. Animal reference manuals in printed, CD, and online form - • Each Canine, Feline, Equine, Beef, and Dairy Manual is written exclusively by veterinarians. • Professionals who are closely associated with each animal species are being utilized as consultants (nutritionists, farriers, extension agents, breeders, individual producers, etc.). 
2. Animal health database - • A completely searchable and hyperlinked database with reference articles hand selected by our veterinarians.  
3. Consult-A-Vet • Ask Questions directly to our veterinarians.  

Authors and Editors:
Cody W. Faerber, DVM 
President and CEO
Practicing Veterinarian
Undergraduate work at Utah State University
Veterinary school at Colorado State University

S. Mario Durrant, DVM
Small Animal Clinician
Undergraduate Work at Utah State University
Veterinary School at Colorado State University


Jane Fishman Leon, DVM
Global Veterinary Media Consultant
Undergraduate work at Cornell University
Veterinary school at Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine


William E Day, PhD 
Equine Reproductive Physiologist
Horse Science Program
Middle Tennessee State University


Tiffany Julen Day, PhD
Equine Extension Specialist



Jonathan Merriam
California Extension Agent


Lyle G. McNeal, Ph.D.
Utah State University Sheep and Wool Specialist


Kevin Hill, DVM
Large Animal Practitioner 
Veterinary School at Colorado State University  

Robert L. Harding, DVM
Dairy Health Consultation and Service


Feel free to e-mail us with any suggestions, compliments, or complaints at office@infovets.com