® MC-K

Product Description: This is a vaccine for the prevention and treatment of the clinical signs associated with ringworm fungal infections caused by the organism Microsporum canis.

Dosage and Administration: Give a 1 mL dose SQ, with a second dose in 12-16 days. A third dose should be administered 26-30 days following the second dose, if lesions are still present.

Precautions and Side Effects: Vaccination with this product has not been demonstrated to completely eliminate Microsporum canis from infected cats. Do not use in cats younger than 4 months of age, in pregnant animals, or in cats with a suppressed immune system. When giving injections, handle this vaccine carefully to avoid self-inoculation.

Packaging: This product comes in one dose vials.

Storage: Keep refrigerated, in the dark, and avoid freezing.

Product Type: Individual vials are not labeled for use without a veterinarian.

Manufacturer: Fort Dodge