John Heikkila DVM, Choice Veterinary Service
I have been using the Infovets' Beef and Equine CDs for 3 years. I have found them to be very useful for client education. Thank you for the accurate information written in an easy to read format.
Ryan Frakes, Frakes Cattle Services
"I've had the CDs and manuals for beef and horses for several years. I use them for my home use as well as work in agricultural retail sales."
Rod Swainston, Herdsman, RC Dairy
"As a dairy producer, I find the information very understandable and easy to locate. I use this manual hand-in-hand with the guidance of my local veterinarian."
Emily Stacey and Panser
"These are my pet's best years and she deserves proper and effective health care. The Infovets health care system helps me know how to take better care of the pet I love."
Barbara Williams
"Anytime I have a problem with my thoroughbred horses, we study the Infovets Equine CD. I have also bought this CD for several relatives."