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What is the #1 KILLER of horses in America?……… continue reading to find the answer! 

     I want to introduce you to a cutting edge health care system developed specifically for horse owners that consider their horses family.  This is not your typical run of the mill reference guide that Grandpa used to use, full of old wives-tales and hocus pocus.  This is a 2006 super-charged, searchable, updated, hyperlinked, video packed, health care system developed to put you in the drivers seat when it comes to the health of your horse.

Do you know that 1 out of every 10 horses will suffer some type of colic this year alone?

  • Will your horse be one of these?   
  • Do you know what to do when a horse colics?
  • When should you call your veterinarian?
  • What questions will your veterinarian ask and what questions do you need to be prepared to answer?

Answers to these questions and thousands of others are covered in great detail in our Infovets Equine Manual and Health Care System.


Anyone that has been around horses long enough has seen a horse suffering from a colic episode.  Imagine 1,100 pounds of horse flesh, rolling, tossing, turning, sweating, moaning, and on the edge of death if something is not done immediately!  Now imagine being that horse owner with no idea of what to do next.  Or trying to contact your vet and finding out that they are not available for another 3 hours!

I know personally of the sense of fear and hopelessness that comes with not knowing what to do to help a horse that is suffering.  I recall back before I became a veterinarian, watching my Grandfather attempt to care for one of his colicky draft horses.  I remember that Grandpa thought the horse was blocked and couldn’t urinate, so he attempted to clean the horse’s sheath.  This was not only the WRONG thing to do, but it also placed himself in grave danger from the extremely uncomfortable horse.  If only Grandfather had known what to do with a colicky horse!  (Luckily for us the horse got better in spite of our attempted treatments.)

By now I am sure that you have figured out that COLIC is the #1 Killer of horses.

Thankfully, there are things a horse owner can do to help prevent colic and also things an owner can do to help a colicky horse have a better chance of surviving.

The key here is knowledge!  Not just any knowledge, but knowledge that comes from information that is clear, concise, accurate and written by experts that know about and treat colic on an almost daily basis.  The Infovets manual and health care system are these resources!

     Let me introduce myself, my name is Dr. Cody W. Faerber.  I am the owner and founder of Animal Health Publications / Infovets and a practicing veterinarian.  I graduated from Colorado State University in 1998 and have been practicing mixed animal medicine and surgery since that time.

Dr. Cody W. Faerber checking a horse

“As a practicing veterinarian in Idaho and Utah, I recognized that horse owners, 4-h, and FFA leaders require and deserve access to better educational materials and training information than is presently available.  Our manuals and Internet site are the resources that will assist you in providing superior health care for your horses.

Our materials combine the efforts and knowledge of veterinarians, nutritionists, extension agents, university faculty, and many other professionals, plus countless individual horse people.  Imagine an owner or educator who has instant access to expert information in each of the above fields.  No other set of resources provides such a diverse amount of information in such a concise and readily accessible manner.”

Not only will our resources teach you the skills necessary to help your colicky horse, but they will also teach you skills on:

  • Hoof trimming
  • Lameness diagnosis
  • Vaccination protocols
  • Specific Diseases (West Nile virus, EPM, EIA, EVA, Strangles, etc) Product information (doses, uses, etc)
  • Plus hundreds of more topics

Our resources may not only save your horses life, but they will definitely save you money $$$$$$$$$

Did you know that the average horse owner spends between $200-300 a year on each horse for routine things such as vaccines, dewormers, teeth floating, etc.  This is only if the horse remains healthy.  Imagine now if the horse gets sick, colics, has a lameness problem, etc.  The cost goes up substantially!  Maybe even into the thousands of dollars!

Right now the average physical exam for a horse is around $35-45, plus a farm call of about $30-40 dollars.  The end result is around $75 to have a veterinarian check on your horse (this does not include mediations, vaccinations or other diagnostics.

To have COMPLETE ACCESS to all that INFOVETS has to offer for horse owners will cost much less than the average physical exam and farm call!

So lets say you purchase an Infovets subscription for $34.95, what benefits will you receive?

  • First off, you become one of the elite 50,000 who already subscribe to Infovets!
  • Just by learning one thing from our materials, you may save the life of your beloved horse, or may simply prevent a problem before it starts.
  • Preventing or Treating a problem on your own will save you much more $$ than the cost of your Infovets subscription.
  • You will soon become an “expert” in equine medicine and a RESPONSIBLE horse owner.
  • Your children will love you for saving the family horse.
  • You can have access to our Consult-A-Vet service 24 hours a day.
  • You have access at your finger tips to the latest information on equine health available.


Kristie B. PedersonKristie B. Pederson
“Infovets has met my need for a comprehensive easy-to-access and understand reference manual to answer my every day questions.  The photos are excellent. I am looking forward to being better informed when I communicate problems to my vet and farrier. Buy this manual!”

Barbara WilliamsBarbara Williams
"Anytime I have a problem with my thoroughbred horses, we study the Infovets Equine CD. I have also bought this CD for several relatives."


Some people say "why pay for this information when I can find it out on the internet?"  To that I reply "is the info written and edited by veterinarians, and does the information tie the disease or problem into a potential treatment and products for that treatment."

I can honestly say that our Infovets Equine Manual fits a need that cannot be found in any other resource.

50,000 subscribers can't be wrong! 




Here at Infovets we put together some of the best minds in the industry to write and combine their professional and tested knowledge into one uniformed reference guide on how to provide not only just care for the sick, but also, how to help prevent problems from even occurring.  Just take a look at what we provide in the Equine manual:

Over 500 pages of detailed information on equine health, nutrition, products, horse diseases and horse health problems.

Dozens of Video clips and thousands of hyper links

  • General Health and Management: Going through information such as  Equine Nutrition, Reproduction management, Horse Vaccines, Equine Pregnancy, Equine Hoof Care and Trimming etc.
  • Routine Observations and Procedures: Taking a temperature, Emergency Treatments, Artificial Insemination, Checking Hydration, Body Condition Scoring, Physical Examinations, etc.
  • Tests and Diagnostics: Complete blood count, Culture and Sensitivity, Serology, and Virus Isolation, etc.
  • Infectious Diseases, Problems and Treatments: Covering information on equine health problems and diseases such as EPM (equine protozoal myelitis), Equine Coggins, Strangles, Equine Founder, Equine Skin Fungus, Equine Ringbone, Equine Tetanus, Equine Sarcoid, Equine Scratches, etc.
  •  Vaccines and Parasite Control Products: What products are available to treat your horse when they get sick.
  • Antibiotics and Anti-inflammatory Agents: Injectable and Oral Products.
  • Miscellaneous Injectable Products: Supplements, Hormones, and General Medications.
  • Miscellaneous Medications: Oral Solutions, Oral Products, Supplements, and Antiseptics.
  • Veterinary Glossary: Definitions of medical terms.

Learn how to save money $$$$$ and hassle by preventing problems before they even start.


All the above is available in our printed book that we provide.  Now if you get our CD-Rom version we include everything listed above, but also we included how-to video clips, hyperlinks, cross referencing and many more features that you just can't get with an ordinary printed book.

We also provide access to our manual via our website.  This means you can get a yearly subscription to an electronic version of the small ruminant manual.

All subscribers will also be able to have access to Consult-A-Vet Consult -A-Vet is our online feature that allows you to post questions to our qualified Veterinarians.  You can also read postings that other customers have made and read the answers they have received.

Now I know what some of you are thinking,  “Hey I can do this, this is a great product.”  To you I say, DON'T WAIT GO BUY THIS NOW!  Now to you out there that are saying “I can't do this I'm not a vet,” let me tell you that I understand your concerns.  Our intention is not to replace your local Veterinarian, or to even turn you into one.  Our intentions are to give you the best possible chance of understanding when an animal may be sick and what you need to do.  What happens if you can't get a hold of your vet for any reason, or what happens if the vet is just not sure what may be wrong?  Use our material to better understand...

You have the ability as well to use our material as a preventive measure. Use the information to protect your animals from outside influences that could make them sick, or not produce to their potential.  Not only that, recognize early signs and warnings that will allow you to lower your cost on medicine and vet visits.

Purchase our material and see for yourself first hand what we provide.  I believe you'll agree that nothing else out there gives you more complete and up-to-date information.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call and ask for our customer service.

Oh, and did I mention that we update and upgrade each product once a year?  That’s right, every year we will go through our material and update what needs to be changed.  That may be functionality of the program or user friendliness, to actually updating the information that we provide.

Go ahead, see for yourself what others have learned.


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